Goblin no Suana – Episode 4

Goblin no Suana

Goblin no Suana – Jada, a witch apprentice, visits a peaceful village. Suddenly, a frightening group of goblins attacked the idyllic countryside where small difficulties and small happiness were repeated. “This wasn’t supposed to be like this…!” Jada, who is still an apprentice even though she’s a witch, lets go of the magic book she asked for and is easily caught by goblins. Her small body was XX by a mutant goblin with a huge body, and there was no way to escape, and she could only cry. She conceives and gives birth, but it doesn’t end there. Her ○○ to Jada goes on and on. She continues to be raped by goblins every day. It didn’t take long for her Jada mind to reach its limits. Someday Jada will know the joy of being her mother… An apprentice witch who can’t use magic stands still. Her small body is pierced by a giant goblin “sole”. Her despair in her heart soon turns to her joy in becoming her mother.


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